The Honeywell Initiative for Science and Engineering (HISE)

The Honeywell Initiative for Science and Engineering (HISE): Transforming Science Into Impactful Solutions

At Honeywell, we take the business and art of science and technology seriously. We know our continued success as one of the world’s leading technology companies depends on our commitment to building and nurturing a love of science and an understanding of its careful application and enduring importance in today’s world. In line with this commitment, we developed the Honeywell Initiative for Science and Engineering (HISE) to empower and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to become creators and problem-solvers. HISE gives students direct access to Honeywell’s top technologists and engineers, as well as to some of the world’s Nobel Prize-winning Laureates in chemistry and physics.

HISE endeavors to link academic learning to applied global impact. This program creates a better understanding of the interconnectedness between science and technology, academics and real-world problem-solving.

Our students participate in lectures, colloquia, round-table discussions and special campus events that help bring their academic learning to life in practical applications that make a real and measurable difference in the world.

In essence – with time, tools, and training – we are committed to making the inquisitive minds of today the global experts of tomorrow.


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