The World’s Greatest Minds

The Honeywell Initiative for Science and Engineering (HISE) gives students with a passion for turning today’s science into tomorrow’s innovations direct access to some of the world’s greatest minds. Our guest speakers and lecturers are the independently recognized leaders in their fields—hand-picked because of the impact they have had on human advancement, and their special interest in seeing the next generation of scientists realize its dreams … with precision, passion, and purpose.

HISE features a roster that includes Nobel Laureates from around the world, as well as our own renowned Honeywell Fellows  – distinguished minds that have developed the breakthrough technology behind hundreds of patents that are the changing the world around us.


Honeywell Fellows

Honeywell Fellows are working scientists, engineers, and technological innovators committed to sharing their real world knowledge and experience with students. By bringing the practical and academic worlds together, students gain invaluable access to a unique perspective on what it really takes to create and drive the innovations that make a lasting impact on the world around us. .

This is about transforming science into solutions; what begins in classrooms has the power to change communities across the globe.

Concepts drive action; action drives solutions; solutions drive meaningful and measurable change

This year, Honeywell Fellows will discuss topics such as “understanding the technology needs of consumers” and “integrating technology into the manufacturing process.”


Nobel Laureates

Learning from the World’s Best, Boldest, and Brightest.

Honeywell’s HISE program brings together some of the greatest Nobel Prize winners of our time to teach, mentor, and inspire thousands of talented students that are passionate about turning science into meaningful solutions.

From physicists who proved the existence of quarks, to chemists who exposed the harmful effects of chlorofluorocarbons in the Earth’s atmosphere, HISE offers up-close and personal hands-on experiences with the world’s greatest heroes of science and technology.